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National Center On Forensics

About Us

The University of Alabama, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Criminal Justice have joined together to form the NIJ National Center on Forensics. This Center provides medico-legal learning opportunities for medical students to train as deputy medical examiners/coroners, with a special emphasis for those planning to live and work in underserved rural areas; provide forensic science and legal training to district attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement and forensic scientists; and develop opportunities to benefit current and future practitioners in the field. These activities seek to improve the availability and level of medico/legal training and knowledge for those working in rural areas, which will thereby increase access to justice for those living in these communities.   

Meet the Staff

John C Higginbotham, PhD, MPH

Principal Investigator


Angelo Della Manna, MSFS

Multi-Principal Investigator 

Director, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences

Elizabeth Gardner, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Randi J Henderson-Mitchell, PhD, MBA

Site Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Director 

Mark Brandon, PhD


School of Law

Richard D Friend, MD, FAAFP


College of Community Health Sciences

Jason Linville, PhD

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Edward A Reedy, MD, PhD

Senior State Medical Examiner

Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences

Daniel M Avery, MD

Medical Director

Cecil Robinson, PhD

College of Community Health Sciences

Jennifer Hayes

Office of Teaching Innovation and

Digital Education

Barbara Wright

Project Coordinator

Contact Us 

Box 870330 

Tuscaloosa, AL  35487